Chinese Advertising Law Do’s and Don’ts

At the end of 2018, a huge fine, reported to be 12.5 million Chinese Yuan (equals to 1.86 million USD), by the Beijing government to one of the online second hand car trading websites made some noise in the Chinese advertising circle. The fine was based on an advertising slogan in their ad, which stated “Industry lead based on sales figures in our first year of establishment”, which has been proven to be a false statement.

Back in 2015, the Chinese government has reviewed the People’s Republic of China (PRC) Advertising Law and added a number of detailed regulations to control the advertising industry. Some brands have been digging deep into the regulations to avoid getting into trouble, while others took chance. But this fine by the Beijing government drew attention back to the PRC Advertising Law.

What are the key points to look out for when creating your Chinese advertisements?

Here at Vivid City, we are constantly advising our clients on their creatives based on regulations of PRC Advertising Law. Want to make sure your ads in China are in line with the Advertising Law? Talk to our native Chinese speakers and get some instant feedback.