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An image of an out-of-home advertising screen


Located directly at Messe Berlin, this TOP trade fair location allows you to create even the most unusual creations.
Since the Messedamm and Jafféstraße are very busy main or bypass roads, and the location in the junctions and traffic light areas is very visible, not only can the fair guests be reached on a total length of 242m, but the advertising effect also extends to the private as well as the public road users.

Driving into west Berlin on the Autobahn 115, you'll pass an enormous, dilapidated grandstand.

If the surreal sight of it makes you feel, for a moment, as if you're hurtling along a race track rather than a highway, the fact is you more or less are - because the 'AVUS' - as the A115 is still known by most Berliners - was not only Europe's first custom-built motorway, but also a former racing circuit.

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